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Who do you believe to be the three major artists and designers who are shaping the discipline you are interested in pursuing or who have influenced you? These should be individuals who have brought relevance to the world or to you in some social, political, emotional, economic, or other meaningful context. Explain why you feel they are important. In what ways do you want your own work to contribute to or make a difference in the world?
This is a question that in my opinion does not have a single answer. From years and years there have been hundreds of talented people with enormous creative minds that were and are constantly developing new ideas, concepts and realities. There are a lot of artists that portrait reality in many different ways, with many different intentions; and there are artists whose visually stunning images have changed reality itself and have opened new ways of telling a story.
It has been a long time since my love for the visual image started, and since that moment I have been influenced by the creativity and the imagination of many different artists. Each artist has a special quality for portraying something about life and reality. There are the artist who portray life combining dialogue, actors, music and events; and there are artist who's visually stunning images, -as I said before-, portrait reality in a fictional way. I have been influenced by both kinds of artist: the intellectual artist and the visual artist.
In order to give this question an answer, I want to talk about the influence that I had by, whom I consider to be great artists of the visual moving image.
Ifirst started being influenced by artists such as Ingmar Bergman, the Swedish masterpiece film director, I admire his incredible way of telling a story with great direction and performances that truly give emotion, great images and the lack of music.
His creative sensitivity in relation to his players, and his extraordinary capacity …


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