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Film Analysis of Field of Dreams

Ray Kinsella is an ordinary man from Eastern Iowa who has an extraordinary event happen to him that will change the life for him and his family forever. The movie “Field of Dreams” was released in 1989 and stared Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Amy Madigan, and Burt Lancaster. The film was nominated for three academy awards including “Best Picture”.
The film begins with a narrative of the life of Ray’s father. His father played baseball when he was younger but never made it professionally. Instead, he got married and had a son and worked at a factory his entire life to support his family. Ray played baseball early in his life and was forced to live out the dreams of his father. Ray’s father wanted him to go on and play baseball professionally since he never got the chance too. However, Ray saw things differently and rebelled against his father’s wishes. He went to college at the University of California- Berkeley. He attended Berkeley he majored in English but really majored in the youth movement of the 1960’s “Peace, Love, and Dope” was among his favorite saying of the era. While attending Berkeley, he met the love of his life Annie. They were married and after college moved, to Iowa near her parents bought some land and had a girl (Katie). Ray was now a farmer who loved his family, the 60s, and baseball. He is an ordinary man from a small farming community in Iowa. Life was all too normal for Ray until the day he heard a voice from the cornfield. “If you build it he will come”.
Ray atfirst does not know what the voice means by the statement “id you build he will come”. He eventually ties the message from the voice to his Dad’s baseball hero Shoeless Joe Jackson. Jackson was a Chicago White Sox baseball player that (along with his teammates) was kicked out of baseball for throwing games. Ray believes that if he builds a baseball filed that Shoeless Joe Jackson will come. Despite the financial concerns Ray supported by his wife…


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