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Film Analysis: The Lion In Winter

During the Christmas of 1183 Henry II calls together his three sons Richard, Geoffrey, and John to join him and his imprisoned wife Eleanor to settle the dispute over succession to his throne.What unveils is a scene of deception and treachery that you would not even expect characteristic of the most dysfunctional family Christmas.The love and generosity one would expect during the Christmas season is replaced with jealousy, pride, and selfishness.Each of the main characters with the possible exception of the lovely Princess Alais is only concerned with the promotion of their own agenda.They will not let anything stop them, suppressing all emotions so that they are not inhibited from reaching their objectives.All three of the sons plot against their father, with the young King Phillip of France.Henry’s discovery of this treachery leads him to disown them all and retreat to Phillips sister Alais in hopes of bearing a new son worthy of succeeding to the throne.
The love shared between Henry and his mistress Alais strikes a sharp contrast to his relationship with his true wife Eleanor.In Eleanor we see a bold, unyielding leader who tries to suppress all her emotions in order to maintain her appearance.Although she longs for and is jealous of Henry;s relationship with Alais, she is unwilling to yield her power to live such a submissive role.Her relationship with Henry failed after they both moved into positions of power and neither was willing to sacrifice or submit to the other.On the other hand, the character Alais is fully submitted to Henry and her submission allows them to share a love that Eleanor can only yearn for.She openly expresses all her emotions and despite disliking the way she is treated, describing herself as a mere ;pawn,; is fully devoted to King Henry.Her character is symbolic of the medieval woman of nobility at the time ;limited as an ob


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