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Film Reveiw-Two Can Play at that Game

STARRING: Vivica .A. Fox, Morris Chestnut
CRITICS WARNING: Sexual References, little offensive language, but great storyline. Colour 123 minutes
Is your man playing up? Showing signs of infidelity or as Shante Smith (Vivica. A. Fox) would say… "Is Your Man Showing His Ass?"
Director Mark Brown certainly knows how to entertain the female sex with a boy punching plot to capture any woman's mind on a revenge pursuit to get back at her unfaithful man. An interesting style to this film is the narration of the storyline by the main character Shante Smith.
It is a fun humorous film where black Americans and their comical ways deal with relationships set in the rich area of America Suburbia.
Shante Smith- Senior Advertising executive from Parker and Law has a great life with no worries. Shante is the envy of her three best friends (Carla, Dianne, Leslie) as their relationships are failing. She uses their experiences with men as examples to relate advice to women.
One example she provides is that the most common excuse from men, for a woman to know her man is cheating, is "I'm Working late!"
One night when she and the girls get together to have a few drinks her man Keith (Morris Chestnut) calls to say he can't make it because he's Working Late!
Now Shante is forced to launch her 10 day plan to get him back into her arms using some very intriguing tactics.
It is a captivating story of a woman who thought she had it all. Now she must use her own advice for her own experiences. It is a very easy film to follow as it transforms into in a 10 day sequence. The drama of Shante's efforts to retrieve her man is very entertaining.
Set in the wealthy areas of America, there is more focus on the attractive actors than any scenery within the film.
Fox plays an excellent role as the dominant female, leading the way, until she meets rival Conn


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