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Film Summary: American Psycho

American Psycho was released in 2000 as a film version of Bret Easton Ellis's controversially crude novel. Mary Harron did an outstanding job directing this satirical film. Christian Bale plays the main role of Patrick Bateman who is a dominant Wall Street hot head that is very rarely satisfied. Christie (Cara Seymour) is a kind-hearted prostitute who Patrick visits on a couple occasions. Krista Sutton takes on the part of Sabrina, a higher end escort who Bateman takes full advantage of. In one famous scene from American Psycho Patrick has these two prostitutes over to his New York City high-rise apartment for more "fun" than they anticipate. Patrick is played as a satirical version of the self-absorbed Wall Street brokers in the 1980s. He also has anger problems that he cannot seem to contain. The director uses music and Phil Collins references in this scene in order to foreshadow events. Mary Harron is also trying to convey the dangers of prostitution through violence and drugs. In this movie sex escorts are looked upon as inferior to the rest. American Psycho uses a satire of Wall Street brokers to show the violence in prostitution.
Patrick is perceived as a satirical version of the narcissistic Wall Street brokers of this era. He tells Christie to get out of the bathtub and "choose a robe, not the Bijan" (American Psycho). The funny part is there are only two robes hanging from the door, one Bijan and one striped. But Patrick still picks to say, "choose" even though there is only one option, he just wanted to show off the fact he has a Bijan robe. This part again proves his need to draw attention and show off items that are centered on him and his success. They are now downstairs and Sabrina is at the door, the camera tracks down the entry hallway as they walk in. He says to her, "Not quite blonde are you, more dirty blonde," in return she rolls her eyes and makes a very irritated fa…


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