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Today in the evening TV-bosses are going to have compassion on TV-fans and me.
Today in the evening there are no low-minded talk-shows, no mawkish soap-operas and no endless TV-news. Today in the evening my Favourite Film is on.
I will stay at home, disconnect the phone for no one could bother me when I'll be in the state of TV-nirvana… I will make a huge sandwich, but I'll forget about it while watching my Favourite Film.
Today in the evening my friends won't see me. Let them get rest from me for one evening, and I will have short holidays without them.
Today in the evening I will not dance at the disco, because today in the evening I'm busy – I will watch my Favourite Film.
My parents will not understand what happens with their blithesome chirpy child, who is amazingly quiet today. Maybe their daughter has got'F' at the Uni? Oh, no, today I'm so quiet because I have a date with…my TV-set.
Let my instructors forgive me, but I will not be ready with my home task for tomorrow. I have reasonable excuse – I was busy watching my Favourite Film.
Today in the evening I will not walk a dog, I will not have mad time with my friends, I will not talk to parents, I will not do my homework – I have another plans – I will watch my Favourite Film.
I switch off the light and loll on the sofa. I switch on TV-set…and again these endless advertisements!!! I'll try again…wait…I switch on TV-set and…oh, yes… I hang upon my favourite actor's lips, I know all the details of hero's wardrobe; all the ins and outs of their private life. I know all specialities of the Film beforehand. Oh, how pleasant to live together with them two-hours unreal life. I cry and laugh, get angry and suffer with my favourite heroes. I like everything in this Film, even captions…
I know that my Favourite Film is only imagination of talented director, but I like


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