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Oliver Stone directed and wrote a lot of movies.Three of those movies are Any Given Sunday, Platoon, and Natural Born Killers.There are similar things in all three movies but there are many differences between them as well.
Oliver Stone was born in New York City.He served in Vietnam and was released in 1968.When he returned, he went to film school and New York University.He won an Oscar and Golden Globe for writing the screenplay "Midnight Express".This gave him his acclaim.He dropped in popularity when thefirst movie he directed, The Hand, failed.He then won an Oscar for Platoon.His most ambitious and controversial movie was JFK. (Biography Channel)
Any Given Sunday is about football and its hardships.Cap Rooney is the star quarterback of the team.He takes a hard hit and is knocked out of the season.The team relies on a third string Quarterback, Willie Beaman, to lead them to victory.His performance shows the coach that the game is changing.Christina Pagniacci is the President and Co-owner of the team because of her father's death.She pushes the team to win no matter what it takes to prove that she can make it in a man's world.She also thinks that the players and coaches are just her property and are very easy to replace.
Platoon is a movie based on the Vietnam War.Chris Taylor drops out of college to join the army, feeling it is his duty to do so.While on hisfirst trip, he gets bitten by ants and then blamed for falling asleep on watch when it was someone else.Back in the bunkers where they are safe, the men do a lot of drugs and they drink.Taylor gets caught up in these activities.The platoon gets sent to a village and Barnes killed the headman's wife.Elias fights Barnes for killing innocent people.Chris is the only one with enough sense to realize that the Vietnamese people are just people, like everyone else.Later in the movie, Barnes kills …


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