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Final Destination 2 Critique

Final Destination II is a sequel of Final Destination, which hit box offices about four
years ago.In Final Destination Devon Sawa has a vision that the plane he and his
classmates are on is going to blow up.He ends up saving many people, and the plane
did blow up.The whole movie ends up being about a group of friends (survivors)
trying to beat death, at he end of this movie the only survivor is Rivers.Final
Destination II starts off with a girl named Kimberly, who sees a vision of a terrible
accident that she and a group of people will be involved in.In order to stop this
terrible act, she blocks off the road so the group of people can’t get on the freeway,
which will later prevent an accident. While death is not easily thwarted and her friends
are wiped out in the crash, she is saved by a policeman.They form the core of nine
strangers, many of whom initially don’t believe Kimberly’s warnings that the incident
recalls thefirst film’s much-publicized deadly weirdness.Thefirst one to go is a very
happy lottery winner who doesn’t believe a word Kimberly said.Convinced that death
is out to get her and the others Kimberly seeks the help of Rivers the only survivor of
last years plane crash incident.Voluntarily Rivers is in an institution to prevent herself
from any accidents, and when Kimberly asks her for help she clearly doesn’t volunteer,
but later decides to help.Kimberly and Rivers rally up the group after the death of
another victim and they contact a man that works at a morgue who knows about
cheating death.After this the group is looking for the woman who would have been
involved in the accident that was pregnant (thinking that a newborn life will cheat
death).While looking for this woman, terrible accidents happen and the group is left
with only Kimberly and the policeman. They end up finding this woman and she has
the baby, but this isn’t the way to cheat deat…


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