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Final Fantasy

Based on the video game series, Final Fantasy- The Spirits Within is an action packed and dramatic science fiction movie with a completely computer generated cast. It is also the only film adaptation made by the game developers (Square Pictures), who designed Final Fantasy with a complete series of original stories. This is probably why the popular video game franchise is so well suited for film adaptation, even though the movie features entirely new characters and settings. The Spirits Within utilizes digital actors and impressive graphics to introduce a new genre of filmmaking to the movie community as well as a new exploit for design to the game community.
Unlike many other game adaptation films such as Tron and The Wizard, The Spirits Within does not emphasize game-play at all. There is no video game theme whatsoever, which brings out the humanistic qualities in the characters. The lack of game-play emphasis is also a prominent factor in flaunting the film's impressive graphic art design, CGI development, and multipart storytelling. Since Final Fantasy the game series consists of so many chronicles, an intricate narrative was certainly complementary.
The Spirits Within treats the topic of games very prolifically. If you have ever played an innovative video game, you have probably watched short clips of narratives within the video game which tell the story behind the game. This film is basically a full-length feature of those narratives. It tells the viewers a science fiction story in an original manner. The only exception is that there is no emphasis on game-play, which actually helps to enhance the film's sense of realism. The characters are much more dynamic when they are depicted separately from the video game. This also facilitates the unconventional imagery on the big screen to be accepted by small screen audiences. Viewers of this film include both gamers and non-gamers, whi


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