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Flim Review, on Meet Joe Black

A couple of days before his sixty fifth birthday, Bill Parish, a business tycoon (Hopkins), starts to have premonitions about death. The recent heart attacks he has been having, which are accompanied by voices lead him to this premonitions. Although Bill Parish has always had a privileged life being the patriarch of a loving family, a successful leader and chief in a communication corporation, and a squire of a country estate; this disturbance (the voices) makes his life very uncomfortable and almost impossible. In spite of the way he feels, Parish continues his daily routine and lives the same life as before.
Parish has a very strong relationship with his daughter, Susan (Fortani); he wishes that she would think twice before she makes her decision to marry Drew, her boyfriend, (Weber). Parish describes love; “I want you to levitate,” he tells her “I want you to dance like a dervish.” Susan understands what her father is telling her but simply hasn’t encountered a man that makes her feel that way. That morning Susan notices a young handsome man at a coffee shop (Pitt). She is intrigued by his looks and his chatty personality. This encounter makes Susan realize what being levitated means. She had met this guy only that morning and yet feels her heart lift from within. When both strangers walk their separate ways, in their minds they had both been swept away. While crossing the street the young man unexpectedly gets hit by a car and physically dies but within his spirit still lives. You would think that the movie would be pointless by now; although the film is now at it’s staring point, it was a beginning of an incarnation.
Parish realizes that the premonitions he’s been having are real and is encountered with Death itself. Death had taken the physical form of the young deceased man in order to take a break from the dying world. Death wants to experience the living world for a change. Parish asks Joe Black (man at the coffee) shop, “…