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Follow the Fleet

Review Of The Movie Follow The Fleet
Starring Fred Astaire And Ginger Rogers.
Follow the Fleet is a romantic comedy with dance numbers drawn into the story of two love stories that contrast between those who want to get married and those who do not want to get married.The movie starts off with Bake Baker and Bilge Smith (two sailors) on shore leave trying to find love for the evening at the Paradise Club. After arriving at the club Bake is surprised to find his old dancing partner Sherry working at the club.Sherry broke Bake's heart when she chose her career over being his wife.Bake softens Sherry up by dancing together for old times sake, but ends up getting Sherry fired by mouthing off.Leaving Sherry no choice but to place her future in his hands.
During all of this Sherry's, sister Connie shows up to the club to visit, but the sailors show no interest in Connie because she is plain looking.Sherry gets a few girls that work at the club to dress her up.Shortly after being dressed up Bilge starts paying attention to her until he finds out that she is looking for a husband.Bilge leaves Connie with the thought that this relationship has a future.
After the fleet pulls out both Sherry and Connie are left with the only hope that when the fleet returns both relationships can pick up were they left off.When the fleet returns things do not go well.Sherry and Bake end up fighting and Bilge ignores Connie not knowing how she went into debt restoring the boat for him.All four people put their differences aside in order to raise enough money to pay off Connie's debt.Things do not go very easily atfirst, but the show ends up working out in the end and both couples live happily ever after.
The dance numbers in the film are very memorable.At the end of the film Astaire and Rogers perform two different dance numbers.Thefi


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