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For Ford’s Sake

Henry Ford is God.Today;s definition of promiscuity is tomorrow;s definition of everyday life.Advancement in science takes precedent to advancement in human emotion.Morality is the antithesis of Aldous Huxley;s Brave New World-our present society;s unwritten rules regarding brotherly love and modesty are simply unheard of.Many novels parallel the likeness of such an environment.The Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? aims at providing its reader with a gloomy, excessively scientific future.Dick demonstrates a world in which synthetic clones of humans, called androids, are invented in order to perform work for the humans but end up rebelling and nearly outsmarting their ;masters.;Additionally, living animals are a commodity and traded on the black market because they have become endangered due to lack of care from humans and one religious leader takes grasp of the entire Earth. George Orwell;s 1984 presents Earth as being on constant watch by the government, called ;big brother.;Huxley gives us this stone-cold forecast of the future through imagery that presents a pale and rather lifeless atmosphere, through symbolism where historical people, events or discoveries represent major elements of the Brave New World;s simplistic system of human existence, and through irony in which our current beliefs and basic ethics are utterly ridiculous.
First, Huxley;s knack for creating dull, comatose imagery provides the reader with a connection between the warm reality of our current world and the cold dystopia of the brave new world.Since Huxley is trying to communicate that this new world is unfulfilling and worthless, it is necessary that he use such a literary tool.For instance, thefirst sentence of the second paragraph describes an ;enormous room… Cold for all the summer beyond the panes, for all the tropical heat of the room itself, a …


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