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Daniel Roke, an experienced Australian stud farmer, has been hired to investigate a series of horse dopings throughout England's racing circuit. Dan, hoping to break free from his dull and tedious life in Australia, accepted the offer when it was presented to him by The Earl of October. Seeing as how October was one of the most respected and successful people in the business, Dan was offered 20,000 pounds for the completion of his job. With his family in mind Dan set off to October's stables where hefirst began the mission that would change his life forever. In Dick Francis's newest mystery novel, For Kicks, Daniel Roke discovers his true self by risking life and limb trying to expose the secret underground world of horse doping. Disguised as a stable lad, Dan makes his way through some of the dirtiest stables in England starting at October's and working his way down to Hedly Humber's, all while earning the reputation of a criminal. Dan's investigation takes him to places he'd never been before and makes him an enemy as well as a friend to many. Dan quickly learns that people who would abuse horses would do far worse to humans and that as soon as you enter Humber's stable its no holds barred. The author uses Daniel Roke, a well-known stud farmer in Australia, to depict the harsh realities of horse racing that many overlook. Throughout Dan's adventure he begins to realize how badly stable lads are treated and how often they are stereotyped as being terrible people. He also finds it extremely difficult to stand by and allow people to abuse horses the way they. Dan absolutely hates the disrespect and cruelty that the horses have to withstand and is completely shocked when he witnesses itfirst hand. This exposure of corruption and hatred changes Dan's view of horse racing completely. It opens his eyes to a different world, one of which he wishes badly not to be apart of. This experienc


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