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Forbidden Planet theme analisis essay

Forbidden planet is a science fiction movie briefly based on Shakespeare's'The Tempest' set in the early 23rd century, on the Fourth planet into the Altair star system on Altair 4. The movie was created in 1956 where the threat of cold war and alien invaders surfaced. Electronic music was beginning to become popular culture nearing to the 60's after Forbidden planet introduced it to the public.
All of the themes in the movie play a big part, such as the theme of threat, how everyone thinks that the monster attacking them is an external threat; however it turns out to be an internal threat with Morbius's desires of his id controlling the monster with the machine bringing it to life. Human weakness is displayed in the film how Morbius couldn't control his id when it killed all his crew and himself later in the film, it shows how unfit and unstable his mind is for that kind of technology. Technology is a big aspect of the film as that is how the monster of the id comes to life, from the big machine that serves who is in control and can create matter with a thought. Greed is displayed when the cook asks Robby to make him 60 gallons of'Rocket bourbon', and doesn't let anyone know in case they will all want a share.
The major theme that I have chosen is'Internal threat' and the minor themes are'Greed','Morbius's sub-conscious (id)' and'Super technology'.
The theme of Internal Threat is displayed throughout the movie mainly by Robby and Morbius, and how the posters made Robby look like the external threat and how the monster killing everyone is seen as another external threat, which is not the case with Dr Morbius's mind tapping in to the big machine and creating a monster of his id unconsciously.
Internal threat was an important theme to me because the movie is basically based around the theme, if this theme was not in the mo


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