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Forrest gump

Every movie portrays society a certain way, but many times we are not even aware of this.For example, a movie might have a scene set in a city, and the movie will portray the people and society around that city a certain.But as we watch the movie, we are so focused on the events that are happening, that many times we fail to recognize how the film is affecting our perception of that society.So in this paper, I will analyze the way in which the movie, Forrest Gump, portrays society.
I chose to analyze this movie because I think it is interesting how the film really depicts two different, contrasting societies within America.Thefirst depiction is of society in the south, in the town of Greenbo, Alabama.Even though the movie takes place during the late 1960's, society in the south is seen as having not really changed at all, and still holding on to the conservative stronghold of moral values and the importance of the family.It is a very simplistic, Christian, white male society.
This is contrasted very sharply with the instability, rebellion, and anti-authoritarian attitude of the rest of the country.Throughout the movie this stark comparison can be seen.For example, there are many scenes involving drugs, sex, and rebellion.The war protest scene especially stands out as an example of this.The guy is dressed up in an American Flag outfit, but his entire message is anti-American, and it seems like almost every word out of his mouth is a profanity.We also see scenes of Forrest experiencing sexual activity for thefirst time, and scenes of war and unrest.But in spite of all that is going on in the nation at that time, the viewer is showed images inside the barbershop in Greenbo, and Mrs. Gump's house.They are viewing these images on the television, but they appear so far off and distant.Especially the scene in the barbershop in which the men are watching these historical events take


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