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Fraily – A Movie Analysis

I really enjoyed the movie Frailty and it’s nod to Hitchcock’s work.I think that Frailty to Hitchcock because of the serene and peaceful setting that is the background for something menacing and evil.Looking at the opening scenes of Adam’s flashbacks, you would never have guessed that something as twisted as the ‘God’s Hand’ killer murders took place there.The rose garden’s pristine beauty innocence in the beginning is the perfect contrast to the modern day garden; which in my mind looks like a cemetery with the references to the stone statues and fog.
My favorite scenes are of the car ride to the rose garden.The use of lighting is excellent because it seriously adds to the dramatic tension of the scene. The grail marks across Alex’s face allude to the fact that he is hiding more that what he leads on.The heavy lines created by light coming through the driver’s side window give the cop a sinister look.This is especially highlighted when Alex and he have the conversation about his mother being murdered.This was a well timed non-verbal foreshadowing element.The effects of sound and water also add dramatic tension to this scene.Being in the car in the rain gives the both of them isolation from the rest of the world.The rain, sounds of the rain, and the lights are an illusion to the outside world and chaos.While in the car, it is somewhat quite… no one else can hear what these two are saying.
What stands out most in my mind about this movie is some of the editing…. very creative and innovative.There is this transition when water is whipped across the window during the car ride and it slowly dissolves into a close-up of TV pixels while Alex and Fenton are watching.In analyzing this, this transition is almost symbolic of the cop’s uncertainty of what is about to happen or what Alex is trying to reveal.The pixilated close-up reveals an animated kids show on the Bible.During this time in the flashba…


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