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Frank Reade

In this interesting novel well worth the dime, our main character, Frank Reade, chases a gang of characters known as the James boys in a mechanical-horse drawn carriage. In this novel our characters are searching for the supposed hidden treasure of a wealthy family.
In this time period novels cost a dime, and were written so they sounded believable. This story seems to me to be pretty believable, certain inventions seemed a little outlandish, but they did didn't seem to be ahead of there time. This was mostly because this was a pioneering period.
Throughout the novel we come in contact with four important characters. One of which is Frank Reade, a young inventor and the main character is a character whom we are allowed to connect with on another level from most other main characters.The three other characters in this novel are Brass and Buttons who are two New York Detectives that act as Reade's entourage.We also come in contact with the Professor who writes in his journal often.The Professor talks often of his dislike of violence but mysteriously has the best aim and shot out of the group.
Two other characters we meet and no less about are Frank and Jesse James, otherwise known as the James Brothers. And they were not fond of the Reade posse, nor vise-versa.
Though we never see a resolution, the plot is the suspenseful Reade-James Brothers chase. This novel like others seems to have sub-plot; such as digging for gold and the disbanding horses.
Something interesting to me in this story was the interior monologues. This allowed me to feel connected to and with the character. There are many examples of this through out the novel, like when he grads the reigns of the James brothers' horses. While he's hanging there we see his interior monologue as he plans ways to recapture the horses, stop the James brothers, and live to do all this.
I also enjoyed the future resolutions


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