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The horror genre is no doubt infamous for its abundance in blood and gore. No book or film written and produced with the aspect of horror in mind would be without the ambivalent mixture of fear and suspense that made this genre so renowned. Nevertheless, just as fans of horror often neglect to delve beyond the obvious, many authors and producers fail to add depth and intensity to their predictable plots. Instead, they make up for the lack of plot by tacking on scene after scene of violence and carnage. Despite the course of its evolution, it is important to note that horror genre on the whole have not always been so mindless. Mary Shelly was an author of the early nineteenth century who effectively incorporated intellectual and philosophical perceptions into Frankenstein, her sole horror novel and undeniably the most famous work of fiction she has written.The use of themes and symbolism in Frankenstein were integral in adding an intellectual element to an otherwise typical horror story through its descriptive scenery, portrayal of Victor Frankenstein, and creation of the monster.
There were many different settings chosen as backdrops for the novel Frankenstein to illustrate the changes that occurred in the events following. The book itself began as letters sent by Robert Walton, a polar explorer, to his sister on his expedition to the Arctic, a location that is cold and deserted for all that it appears to be beautiful and delicate. Shortly after the deaths of Justine and William, Frankenstein headed for the Alps in hopes of lifting his spirits after wallowing in his guilt and depression. While its beauty appeared sublime and magnificent during his ascension, Frankenstein perceived the scenery to be incredibly desolate and sombre upon the coming of the dawn.
In a thousand spots the traces of the winter avalanche may be perceived, where trees lie broken and strewed on the ground, some entirely destroyed, others bent, leaning upon…


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