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By Mary Shelley

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein was written in a period of two years, starting in 1816, ending in 1818. It underwent multiple revisions after publishing, but its plot remained largely the same throughout the versions. Both Mary Shelly and her husband Percy Shelley contributed to the novel, Mary the prose, Percy the poetry.
This novel is famous on many levels: First, it is famous as one of the best pieces of horror fiction to this date. Secondly, it is famous as a monumental work by a woman.Finally, Frankenstein is one of the most brilliant social commentaries about the nineteenth century ever written.
Frankenstein paints a negative image of society and criticizes the innate nature of human beings. It emphasizes the technological progress of the 19th century, known as the Industrial Revolution, and contemplates the possible effects of advanced technology on the world.

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Frankenstein's plot circulates about the tragedies caused by one scientist's obsession with creating life from death.

Its characters:

Robert Walton: A very versatile, although not very serious, man. Once a poet, he is an experienced navigator by the time the novel begins. Walton serves as a link between the reader and Victor Frankestein's story. Indeed, Frankenstein, the protagonist is introduced through Walton, and most of the novel's action is actually a sotry related to Walton by Frankenstein himself. In short, Walton is the reason the book's plot makes sense. Walton's existence is also a way to ensure that the action of the book isn't suspenseful, for the most part-the reader knows that Frankenstein is alive to tell his sotry up to a point. Therefore, the story is set up in a way to make the reader heed to it, understand the valuable lessons within it.
Walton is ver…


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