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The character Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, is a complex individual.As the main character and narrator of the story, he brings many dimensions to the story.Victor has a tendency, in the story, to place blame on others for his faults.He thrives on the sense of power and yearns for the approval from others.These factors add up to a person who can be classified as a sociopath.
Victor methodically studies dated scientific material in his younger years.He brings his knowledge with him to the university, seeking approval from the professors.When he is informed that what he has been studying is nearly mythological in nature, he blames his father for not telling him that the books were useless.Victor secludes himself and begins his studies on the newer material so that he can master the art of creation.
When the narrator discovers how to create a person, he believes he is experiencing the power associated with God.The experience is short lived, however, because soon after he is left with a sense of severe guilt that causes physical illness.His ultimate fantasy has been fulfilled, yet he does not feel satisfied; often the case in a sociopath.The guilt further consumes him when his creation kills his younger brother, William, and Justine is executed for the murder.Victor contemplates suicide, but finds he is unable to follow through; another common occurrence in sociopaths.
Shelley leaves the discussion open as to who is more evil, the creator or the created.Movies and spin-offs of the story usually portray the created as a monster.Victor, the creator, is the corrupt being whose greed for power created the so-called demon.Victor finds himself trapped in a world with his creation in fear that others will view him as insane if he were to tell the truth about the monster; once again seeking approval from others.This cycle will continue in the story until his ult


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