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Frankenstein Essay Research Paper FRANKENSTEIN Mary ShelleyVictor


Victor Frankenstein was a boy fascinated by death, live and electricity.

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When he started his studies about it, he got his own labatory.

He created a sort of monster, by putting pieces of dead bodies together, and he gave it live by using the power of electricity.

As soon as it got live, Victor was very frigthen and he ran away.

A few months later, Victor?s brother, William, was murdered and Justine, the woman who looked after the children was arrested by the police, because there were a number of strange facts that she was the murderer.In the prison she waited for death.But Frankenstein knew who the real murderer was: the monster that he created.

Victor saw the monster again, and it told him his sad story.

Everyone is frighten of him, because he?s so huge and ugly.But all that he wants is love.

So he asks Victor to create a woman for him, or he would kill Elisabeth, Victors fiance.

But Victor didn?t create the female monster.

Elisabeth was in danger and Victor couldn?t save her.

Victor?s father died also, he was ill and sad because Elisabeth?s dead.

Victor chased the monster for the rest of his live, and died because of tiredness.

The monster killed himself, after he heard that his creator died.


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