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Frankenstein Essay Research Paper While skimming through

Frankenstein Essay, Research Paper

While skimming through different poems from poets Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, and Percy Shelly I found it difficult to find a poem that I could relate both the idealism of romanticism and what I have read of Frankenstein. While reading the poem “Most Sweet It Is” by William Wordsworth I found the most satisfying for both the criteria. Therefore I chose to use it in for this response paper.

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Wordsworth first publicized the poem, “Most Sweet It Is” in 1835 which is just on the tail end of the “Romantic Era”. It is easy to identify it with romanticism because of the style of writing used. Wordsworth writes about a wild nature when we write about “pacing the ground, if path be there or none”. This seems very adventurous and daring and the Romanic Era has often been characterized by such attitudes.

My interpretation of the poem “Most Sweet It Is” is that Wordsworth is writing about the process of following in and out of love with someone or something. I understand it as someone who is looking at something with a new perspective and is enlightened by it. With the words “to pace the ground, if path be there or none” I interpret that as someone taking a chance and experiencing something new, possibly trying something that has never been done before. I relate this line of the poem with Frankenstein because the writer of the letters is on a trip and almost seems to be in an identity crisis trying to find himself. He is on some sort of voyage and doesn’t really

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know what lies ahead but is taking a chance and is optimistic. The author of the letters in the book Frankenstein writes to his sister about him feeling very lonely. I relate these words to the words of Wordsworth in the poem “Most Sweet it is” “while a fair region round the traveler lies, which he forbears again to look upon”. I translate it as the write of the letters is far away from everyone he cares about and he is pretty much a lone (while a fair region round the traveler lies) and he is lonely and is not happy about that (which he forebears again to look upon). Overall, while the poem “Most Sweet It Is”, is not exactly talking about a person on a voyage but more of a person who is in love, it is easy to compare it with the works of Shelly in the book Frankenstein.

In conclusion, even though Frankenstein is not in a poetic form it is easy to relate it to the Romanic Era. It is acknowledgeable that it was written during Romanticism.


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