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Frankenstien: A True Fiend

Few creatures of horror have been viewed as much of a fiend to be abhorred compared to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.The terrible account of Victor Frankenstein's havoc and misfortune he has faced has been the main cause of the creature, which he created.The creatures attitude has caused much distraction to life of Victor Frankenstein.Victor has lost much of his family and even the love of his life, his wife.The creature is a fiend to be abhorred by anyone who may cross his path.
The creatures attitude and his incapability of controlling it caused misery."Everywhere [the creature] sees bliss, from which [he] alone is irrevocably excluded" and he "was benevolent and good but misery made [him] a fiend."The creature was faced with seclusion and had none to share his emotions with.Isolation made him deceive the person he should have respected the most, his creator."Shall [he] then hate [those] who abhor [him]," or "shall they share [his] wretchedness?"The creature feels that he should not console those who detest him.He feels they should have to experience what evil he has by inflecting it on them.The creature questions, "Have I not suffered enough that you seek to increase my misery?"The creature has had to live in a condition where no one respects him and despise him from his appearance.He feels wretched and excluded by the way that everyone addresses him.The creatures' experiences have caused him to feel absolute despair and hatred as a miserable fiend.
The destruction caused by the creature depicts him to be an evil person detested by mankind.Victor sees the creature as an "abhorred monster" and a "fiend thou art" that even "the tortures of hell are too mild a vengeance for thy crimes."Victor feels that not even the worse torture could punish for all the evil he has done.The creature killed his brother, m…


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