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Freeze Tag

I just read the book Freeze Tagby Caroline B. Cooney. I thought that this book was excellent! This was one of the best books I have read in a very long time. This book was very supportive, and it told many more things about the characters, which is what I like because it made me feel like I actually know the characters. This book brought me into fear, sadness, and anger. I wasfirst of all fearful for every single person that Lannie Anveill froze. Just when Lannie didn't get her way, you could guarantee that the person that was hassling her or giving her a hard time was already frozen. I also felt very sad for Meghan Moore. I felt said for Meghan only because for a little while, she lost the love of her life. The only boy that she had actually cared for, or even bothered to notice. When Meghan had West Trevor, she hardly noticed anybody else that was round. The only reason that I felt angry in this book was because of Lannie. I was angry because Lannie thought that it was ok to freeze her mom, step-dad, and little kids. Lannie thought that it was perfectly fine, like that is what was supposed to happen. I just didn't understand why she froze people when she didn't get her way.
The character that I liked the most was definitely West Trevor. He was a major part in this book. If he wasn't in the book the whole thing probably wouldn't have worked. He held up everything that went on, from things that dealt with Lannie freezing people, Meghan freaking out, and protecting people by going along with whatever Lannie said to do. One character that I didn't like so much was probably Meghan. In my eyes, I saw her as a whiney baby. All she did was complain about how much she missed West, the whole Trevor family, how boring her house was, and how mean Lannie was. I didn't like her because she should have stopped whining and took action. Actions speak louder than words, and I think that if s


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