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The movie Friday is a comedy, but it also depicts many important social issues.

The story is set in the city of Los Angeles, California, in what could be called a high-class

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ghetto.This movie is about a young black man who loses his job and is influenced by

his best friend to smoke marijuana. The movie also shows the relationships of his family

and other members of his neighborhood. With a zany cast of characters and a hilarious

script, this movie touches on everything from gang violence to the use of drugs, crime,

guns, relationships, sex, and life in the ghetto.

In the movie Friday, rap star Ice Cube plays the character Craig. Craig has

never smoked marijuana. However, his best friend “Smokey” smokes marijuana

everyday. Craig loses his job, leaving him home all day with nothing to do to occupy his

time. He just hangs out in the neighborhood with his friends. Smokey tries to convince

Craig to try some marijuana. Atfirst Craig doesn’t want to. Smokey is persistent. He

points out to Craig that he doesn’t have to work and doesn’t have anything better to do.

Craig finally agrees, so him and Smokey eventually sit on the front porch and

smoke some marijuana. Peer pressure is obviously the only reason Craig gives in.

Actually he had other options, but he chose not to use them. Common sense and a simple

explanation would have worked for Craig just fine (How to Say No and Keep Your

Friends 23). Everyday we are faced with choices. It is up to us to decide what’s right and

wrong. Craig decides to try it and things start to happen that he really doesn’t like.

Craig and Smokey get into some trouble with the neighborhood dealer, Big

Worm.Smokey sells marijuana for him, but can’t pay him the money he owes because he

and Craig smoked all the marijuana. Big Worm threatens them and sends a gang of

“hoods” after them with machine guns. They just bare…


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