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Friday Night Lights

In the novel, Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger, there are several prominent characters who display vivid and unique characteristics.However, one character remains dominant as a person with ethics as he battles with himself over the eternal question of right or wrong.This person is none other than Ivory Christian, an aggressive Christian who is always seeking the answers to life's questions.In this novel, Ivory is shown to be aggressive, loving, and dedication to everything he does.
Ivory was known to be one of the most aggressive people in the high school.He demonstrates this characteristic very well when he ignores the morning practice rules and tackles his opponent causing him to "skid across the gleaming gym floor like a billiard ball hopping over a pool table after a wild cue shot." (page 111-112).This shows that he's willing to do anything to prove his role as the dominant figure in the group.He also demonstrates aggressiveness when the coaches take his position as middle linebacker away from him his junior year.He decides to play his new position as offensive guard as perfect as possible.This causes the coaches to remark his playing ability as "remarkable… major- college talent" (112).
Ivory Christian grows up full of arrogance and attitude, however soon after he discovers the power of Christ he becomes a loving and charismatic person.After his conversations with Pastor Hanson, Ivory's attitude changes from " being very arrogant to displaying rigid righteousness" (page 114).This change is complete and he begins to preach at his local church as well as show more care for his mother who had been worried of him, until his conversion.He may have done this because he realizes all of his life until then had been lead wrong, and this is an attempt to reconcile for all damages he had caused.This also helps demonstrate his complete love f


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