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From the Earth to the Moon

From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne was written in 1872.Verne forecasted with remarkable accuracy many scientific achievements of the 20th century.I believe Verne intended this book chiefly to be a satire of some people living at his time who were unable to accept the peaceful condition of the world.The Gun Club is nothing more than a group of disfigured and excitable old war mongers, who, since there was no war, needed to create some grand project as an outlet for their destructive energy.He also could have been satirizing the attitude of greatness that he perceived Americans to have about themselves and their country.This is illustrated in many lines of the members of the Gun Club, how they fear no obstacle, confident that American ingenuity will conquer all.Another possible reason for his writing this book could have been merely to express how he foresaw man reaching the moon.
This book is a delightful satire, and is very enjoyable to read.It’s written in a smooth, easy to follow language, and has really no dull parts.I liked the way the story was presented, through the eyes of the members of the Gun Club, who were very amusing characters.It was also written in common language, so it was easy to read.Another thing I liked about this book were all the great characters.I especially liked the members of the Gun Club, with their artificial appendages and talking about nothing but past wars, future wars, and accomplishments in the field of artillery.I really liked Matson who had multiple arm attachments, like a hook, a pencil, and a knife.Setting was also described very well in this book.From the weapon filled meeting hall of the Gun Club, to the construction site on Stone Hill, Verne always used such descriptive language, that you could easily see the place in your mind.I especially liked how he portrayed the enormous dimensions of the cannon and of th


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