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Full Metal Jacket persuasive

Throughout my life I have always had an interest in war movies, in particular, Vietnam War movies. I was intrigued by Apocalypse Now and Platoon, but thefirst time I watched Full Metal Jacket there was more to it. The usual Vietnam War movie consists of extreme action and over played emotions. Full Metal Jacket was different because it had more. The humor and raw emotion of thefirst act drew me in., and the acting was sensational throughout the movie. Above all that it had a wonderful soundtrack and still carried out with the historical accuracy of Vietnam. For all of these reasons I find Full Metal Jacket to be the best Vietnam War movie.
In most Vietnam War movies thefirst scene start out on the battle field, and the war is the main conflict. In Full Metal Jacket the movie starts out with the soldiers going through Marine Corps boot camp. This extra scene adds much more reality to the movie, by showing what soldiers had to go through from the start. The opening scene begins at Parris Island with the recruitsfirst day of training. This scene is where the senior drill instructor, played by a real Marine drill instructor, is introduced. He walks around the room yelling at his recruits., and giving them comedic nicknames. The main characters of the movie are introduced at this time. Private Joker is named by the drill instructor because of his out of line John Wayne imitations ("Listen heyah, Pilgrim"), Cowboy is nicknamed because he is from Texas and as senior drill instructor said, "Only steers and queers come from Texas." The next character is only shown in act one because he commits suicide at the end of act one. His nickname is Gomer Pyle. As you can imagine, Gomer Pyle is an overweight klutz. Much of the boot camp scenes concentrate on Gomer Pyle's struggle with the drill instructor. The struggle of Gomer Pyle adds the true raw emotion.I found that it showed very well the suff


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