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G.I. Jane

The movie is about a female soldier that is going to Special Forces training.This training is only supposed to be for men, and she will be thefirst woman at this training. She went to the training because the Senator from Texas wanted to prove that women can do the same job that a man can.However, the Senator just wanted publicity to get votes.The Senator ended up trying to take her out of the training because she made a deal to keep some military bases open which she thought would get herself elected.The Senator finally changed her mind, and the Navy Lieutenant got to finish her training, and she became a SEAL (SEa Air Land).She went on a real mission at the end, and was able to rescue her trainer, a Master Chief.
The main point of the movie that I will focus on is the discrimination of women inside the workplace.
I found that in the American Military, women are discriminated against.They are not allowed to do the same jobs as the men are, like going on submarines, or serving in the special forces. The men feel that the women are either too weak, or that they simply cant do the same amount of work that a man can.In the movie, Lieutenant O'Neil was able to keep up with all the men.She complained any time she was treated any different than the other people in her company.She did not want any special treatment for her being a girl.After a while, she proved that with a strong character, and a strong will, everyone has an equal chance of meeting their goals.In her case, she was able to overcome all the obstacles that were put in her way, and successfully completed the training.
In my opinion, the United States people feel that a woman's life is more valuable than a mans.It has always been that way, and still the same.For a long time, the people of the United States wont change their mind, and that is a point of view that the whole world shares.


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