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Imagine brutal sword fights equipped with severed limbs, decapitated bodies, men doing anything to kill their opponents, gruesome deaths, and one man caught in the middle. The movie Gladiator consists of all these traits. Gladiator was produced by Douglas Wick, directed by Ridely Scott and starred Russell Crowe. Russell Crowe plays a character named Maximus Desimus Meridius, the general of the Roman Empire army.
The movie begins with a war Maximus has just won. The Emperor of Rome, who is dying, shows up at the battle scene to congratulate Maximus on his victory and plans to give the empire to Maximus, not to his son Commodus. In anger and jealousy Commodus, the Emperor's son, kills his father, declares himself Emperor, and orders Maximus and his family to be killed. Maximus escapes but it is too late for his family. Maximus is then captured by slave owners and forced into slavery. As a slave, he has to fight as a gladiator in an arena for his life. As Maximus becomes more popular he goes to Rome as a gladiator, but he really goes to Rome to meet Commodus where he can avenge his family and overthrow Commodus. It comes down to a final battle, where Maximus kills Commodus, but also dies in doing so. Maximus is an interesting character because he is a fearless leader, and a ferocious fighter.
In thefirst scene, it is showing Maximus leading his army into a fierce battle. He shows no signs of fear what so ever. He and his horse ride into battle with their heads high, almost as if he enjoys war. He is thefirst soldier into the battle, and goes to work quickly. He enters the battle, swings his sword a couple times, as if it is an everyday job for him, and begins to slay his enemy.
The battle scene is cold and brutal; men's limbs are being severed and everywhere one looks people are being gutted like fish. However, Maximus pays no mind to the vicious moment, for he is so caught up in the moment he grabs one of his own s…


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