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In the movie Gallipoli, two Austrian men (I don't remember their names so I 'll guess) meet each other and eventually enlist in the army for the Allies. The movie .shows the times from before they meet and it ends with the death of one of them.
The story begins with Adolph (blonde dude) practicing his sprints. He is racing against the clock and time. Next, while with some of his friends, the topic of war comes up. One person says that he wants to enlist and soon others follow. Those who did not follow, did so because their other friends said that they weren't man enough or they made fun of them and said that they were scared. So, a major cause of the young men joining the war was because of peer pressure and just following friends whom they trusted. Another cause was that they really had nothing better to do on the boring farm or out in the country. The young men wanted something fun, exciting, and different.
Later on, Adolph is in an important race where he again is running against the clock but this time he is racing other people. He wins the race. In second by just a little bit is a man named Bode (Mel Gibson). He tried his hardest but was unable to get to the finish line before Adolph. Right Next to the big race was a fair for the army. They were trying to get people to enlist. As a good way to get many people to enlist, they specifically put this fair right next to the large race of young, healthy, fast, men because that is the exact type of person wanted for the military. It is here at the race Adolph and Bode meet.
They eventually go and enlist together for the army. Adolph is not 18 yet and somebody blows his cover so he and Bode travel someplace else. Next, they create Adolph a counterfeit birth certificate so that he can enlist. After their train breaks down, they have to walk in the desert. Eventually they arrive at their destination. Because they are going out for cavalry, they have to be a…

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