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After watching the film Gandhi, I was curious to know how his philosophy started and where all of his beliefs were founded.Gandhi's belief system was deeply rooted in everything that he was taught as a child, however he did not realize it until he was out of the country and away from the influence of all Hinduism in India.Gandhi overcame a lot of oppression from the British influence that was all over India.Nevertheless his nonviolent beliefs and also his ideals, he did not fight back the way that they fought him.He constantly pressed for all Indians to follow the nonviolent movement so that they would not be seen as the uncivilized untouchables as the British saw them.
Growing up as a Hindu, he always heard about the Bhagavad-Gita, but did not start to understand it until he was living in England.That is when it started speaking to him and guiding him to all he would accomplish.The Gita guided him to give up his worldly possessions.One of the possessions that he gave was sex.He realized that sex is much more physical, it is acting out energy and love and he did not want so much of his energy "locked" into his sexual drive.So, he made the choice that he would not let his sexual drive control him any longer. (virtualave).When he returned to South Africa, Gandhi wanted to come up with a word that would define what he wanted to do with his movement.He could come up with no English words that would describe what he wanted.Therefore he decided that the Sanskrit word Satyagraha was the best word to describe his philosophy.Satyagraha means "Pursuit of Truth."His ideals of nonviolence according to Gandhi can be described as an honest and diligent pursuit of truth.In his philosophy, we must always be guided by love, compassion, understanding, and respect, allow everything we have to interact positively with the elements and help create a society of peace and harmony. (Arun Gandhi).S…


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