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Gandhi is the true story of one man's devotion to his religion, he also helped to open a whole new aspect of the very different ways of the Hindu religion. The movie portrayed Gandhi as a man of courageous actions and strong will to pave the path for his people. Gandhi was ready and willing to do anything and everything for his country even sacrificing his own life. He stood up for the people by addressing the British government of the unfair justice that the people were living.
This film had a huge affect on me. Before seeing it, I had a very limited understanding of who Gandhi was. I was simply in awe that someone like Gandhi accomplished what he accomplished in the amount of time he did. The film showed how to deal with a violent situation with non-violence. I'm now a firm believer in that the best ways to achieve liberty, equality, and justice is through non-violent means. What moved me the most was this quote Gandhi said "You must be the change you hope to see in this world." To me this means that change starts with you.
This film has a lot to do with human rights of the Indians and others like them against the British Empire. The scene where the crowd of about 1,000+ Indians are fired on by the British soldiers is one of the most brutal things I have ever watched. This deeply affected me becausefirst of all it was hard to watch but second of all I learned that the Indians did not fight back because they were dealing with this situation in a non-violent way. The most important connection this film had to human rights was the way that part of human rights violations comes from the capacity of the people being oppressed.
This film also showed the compassion Gandhi had even for those who arrested his and beat him. We could learn a lot form Gandhi in our everyday lives, weather it comes to work, school or relationships with others. This movie raises the question in my mind could this really work? It s…


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