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Generational Differences of Turgenev’s, Fathers and Sons

Throughout time there have been generational discrepancies based on attitudes, priorities and views of people. For instance, when the young public starts to question the established tradition, then they revolutionize society with new theory and ideals:the resultant is differences in beliefs and changes of outlooks.In response, a generational gap is formed and carried through history between the old reserved ways and the new modern standards. In Ivan Turgenev’s novel, “Fathers and Sons”, the central conflict is depicted through the theme of generational differences, which are well-defined through the complex portrayal of each character and his/her relations to others.
In “Fathers and Sons”, the generation discrepancies are strongly suggested through the traditionalists, Nikolai and Pavel Petrovitch Kirsanov in contrast to the modernists, Arkady Kirsanov and Evgeny Vasilevich Bazarov. The main source of conflict that arises in the novel is due to the backbone of beliefs and principles each character holds; these are based on each man’s generation and the society around him.For example, Nikolai and Pavel are both brothers of the older generation and follow Russian traditions like their parents before them. Whereas, Bazarov and Arkady (Nikolai’s son), both of which decide to question the traditional ways of their country through the practices and modern thinking of nihilism. Arkady regards a nihilist as, ” a man who doesn’t acknowledge any authorities, who doesn’t accept a single principle on faith, no matter how much that principle may be surrounded by respect” (23).
The uncle, Pavel Petrovitch, is in opposition of such a concept and disapproves of the young men’s beliefs. However, Bazarov feels Pavel and Nikolai are outdated because they practice romanticism with their traditionalist ways and are behind in the times. The biggest opponents on the debate of nihilism (modernism) and romanticism (traditionalism) are Bazarov and…


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