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George Lucas

Unless you have lived in a cave all your life, you have probably heard the name George Lucas.Lucas, the man behind the Force, totally renovated special effects in movies.He is known for such movies as Indiana Jones, American Graffiti, and his most famous achievement is the Stars Was Saga.
George Lucas JR. was born on the 14th of May 1944 in Modesto, CA.When Lucas was a teenager he was very interested in racing.During a race he crashed and suffered a crushed lung.George spent the last half of his senior year in a hospital bed.After he graduation he attended the University of Southern California in Los Angles.During his college years at USC he made several movies that achieved awards. He received the most prestige prize was for the short film THX-1138 in 1965 at the National Student Film Festival.He later became Francis Ford Coppolas protégé and under the making of The People Rain Lucas was production assistant.He also made the making of the movie.In 1971 Coppola helped Lucas to finance THX-1138 that was an expanded version of the short film he made in college.
In 1973 he made hisfirst long film American Graffiti.This film is considered to be one of the biggest successes of low budget filmmaking.It took only 28 nights to create.The film is about a gang of teenagers under the early 60's era.American Graffiti earned 55 million dollars and also loved by the public and critics.The Academy nominated it for 5 Oscars, which included best picture, best director, best screenplay, best supporting actress, and best film editing.Through it lacked the visionary and experimental quality of his earlier film; he learned what the audience wanted in a movie.But in many ways without American Graffiti, Stars Wars would have never been made.After American Graffiti Lucas had learned a great deal and was also had the money to pay for a movie like Star Wars.Lucas also started three new companies TH…


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