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It all happened so suddenly…One minute, her mother is waking her in the middle of the night to dance with her in the rain. The next, Sarabeth is pulled out of class and told that her mother has died of a heart attack. All of a sudden, Sarabeth faces unanswerable questions:How could this happen?Where will she go?Will she ever find a place she truly belongs?This is Norma Fox Mazer’s long-awaited sequel to her best-selling novel Silver.

One moment 14-year-old Sarabeth Silver’s life is all her own, quirky mom and all. The next minute, she’s spinning out of control, her mother dead of a heart attack at 30, family friends debating who should take her in, her home rented to another family, her stuff in storage. And Sarabeth herself changes. She becomes jagged, cynical. Her funny, loyal friends stand by her side, but nothing is the same anymore. The loss of her mother, conversations with her new friend James, and her uncomfortable living situation with her mom’s best friend, her husband, and their baby–in a one-bedroom apartment–inspire Sarabeth to embark (with great trepidation) on a journey to trace her mysterious roots. The town where her parents grew up–and were later shunned–reveals some very unexpected secrets that ultimately provide the starting place for Sarabeth’s healing. Continuing the story of Sarabeth begun in Silver, award-winning novelist Norma Fox Mazer plumbs the depths of adolescent souls. Girlhearts unflinchingly explores the unthinkable, refusing to drift into sentimentality or easy fixes. Mazer’s keen eye for what is important makes her one of the finest, most tuned-in young-adult authors around. She is also the author of the Newbery Honor Book, After the Rain and many other fine titles for older readers. (Ages 12 to 16) –Emilie Coulter

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