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Go Ask Alice – Anti Drug Campaign

Do you know someone who does drugs? Do you know why they do it? Well if you ask a teen why they do drugs you will often here the answer "because it feels good." But is that the real reason why they do drugs?I researched and found out that in fact it does feel good because most drugs acts directly on the limbic system in the brain which is sort of the "pleasure center." Teens now light up weed in parties like if it was a cigarette. They might not be a smoker but they do it to look "cool." People do drugs to change the way they feel or change there situation. If their depressed they want to become happy, if their nervous they want to become relax, etc. Most of the time people take drugs so that they can be the person who they want to be. The problem is that it isn't real, you don't change the situation you've only distorted it for a little while.
Teenagers do drugs for a lot of reasons, but there are 7 main reasons why. One reason is because they want to fit in; no one wants to be the one left out. Secondly, because they want to escape or relax. Thirdly, because they're bored. Lots of people turn to drugs for a little excitement because they say there's nothing else to do but watch the same Simpson's show for the tenth time or hang out in Burger King. Fourthly, because the media says it's cool. Fifthly, because they think it makes them seem grown-up. Sixthly, because they want to rebel. And the last one, because they want to experiment. Its human nature to want to experiment, but it's not wise to experiment the bad things.
Do you think the media has an affect on youth and drugs? I believe it does, even though there are anti-drugs ads during almost every commercial while your watching music videos, the entertainment world still manages to make drugs look very attractive. An example of this is how they encourage everyone to be really skinny even when they say ano…