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Go Ask Alice

Drugs, rape, living on your own, these are all things that are very hard to deal with especially for a 15-year-old girl.The book I read was called Go Ask Alice, by anonymous.This is a true story about a girl named Alice who struggled with all these things.Go ask Alice is a dairy written from a teenager's prospective.
Alice had a sister named Alex and a brother named Tim.Like most teenagers Alice enjoyed spending time with guys and wear nice clothes.Alice didn't have very many friends so when she meets this girl named Jan she is very excited to have a new friend.One night at a party the two girls are offered LSD, atfirst Alice liked it, but things just went downhill from there.She started to hang around with the wrong crowds and ended up dating this guy that had her sell drugs from him.She later finds out that this guy is gay and was just using her to sell drugs.Alice and her friend decide that they are sick of dealing with their friends, drugs, and families so they move to Salt Lake City were they didn't know anyone so no one could tempt them with drugs.They stay there for a few days and end up in San Francisco, they both get jobs and an apartment.They find out that there employer is a drug dealer, and gets them to start doing drugs again, and he rapes them.The girls qui!
te their jobs and called home.Alice and her friend are trying to turn their lives around.What is going to happen to them next?Will they ever find their way home?
This is a great book about a girl going through many hard things.I found this book to be a very interesting book.I learned a lot about how drugs can ruin your life and your families life.I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an interesting book to read.
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