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Francis Ford Coppola's, award winning film, The Godfather portrays a mafia family trying to survive among a crumbling empire of crime.The Godfather is more then just a movie about dog-eat-dog.With the use of great camera shots, dialogue, acting, character development, and storyline Coppola was able to create a classic masterpiece. The agreement of criminality and family honor is achieved with perfect accuracy.The Godfather portrays themes such as power, violence, love and betrayal.Through these various themes Coppola creates a purpose, which allows the audience to identify with the Corleone family.
The Godfather is for certain entertaining, but entertainment is not Coppola's main purpose in creating this film.Coppola displays a strong emphasis on family and family values.The Godfather is a story about a family and the importance of staying together.In the past traditional American families were stereotyped from television shows such as "Leave it to Beaver" and "The Brady Bunch".These families hold the stay at home mom who cooks and cleans for her working husband and the children who may get into trouble, but seem all too perfect.As America continues to get older the stereotypical family seems harder to believe.The Godfather displays a family that some may view as dysfunctional, but through the plot one understands they hold true family values.For instance, the Don never wanted his son Michael in the family business but instead wanted him to have a respectable job.Through displaying a different natured family Coppola is able to create the image that family worth is not based on how perfect the family seems.The Corleone family is involved in a business of crime.However, Coppola balances the story between family life and the ugly business in which they are engaged.No matter how ugly or sinful the business gets the love and respect this family has within their h


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