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Good Morning Miss Toliver

Good Morning Miss Toliver was a very inspirational video. Ms. Toliver, who is an inner-city mathematics teacher, has a philosophy that all children can master mathematics.She has different types of teaching strategies. For example, on one certain occasion Ms. Toliver entered the classroom dressed in character. Ms. Toliver also describes and demonstrates a “hands-on” approach to mathematics instruction, and strategies to get students actively involved in classroom activities. All in all, she makes her students want to learn math.
Ms. Toliver discusses and demonstrates the uses of speaking and writing as tools to develop-and assess-student understanding of math concepts.For example, she uses journals for the students to remember things they have learned. This seems to be one way she greatly encourages writing in her math class. Ms. Toliver clarifies basic concepts and terms, and tries to create an atmosphere in which students can communicate freely.
Ms. Toliver asks very open-ended questions. She does not just ask for the answer to her questions, but also for an explanation for their answer. Ms. Toliver encourages all answers for questions. For example one student may answer a question that is acceptable by Ms. Toliver, but she may ask for other possible answers from the class.After all, Ms. Toliver says, "There is more than one way to skin a cat."
In my opinion Ms. Toliver uses a different type of room organization for an older class of students. Ms. Toliver's students are seated four persons to each table. All tables and chairs are facing the board. This way she is sure to have each student's attention. With this seating arrangement the students will always have team members during group activities. This is the time when Ms. Toliver explains the value of each member of the team.
Ms. Toliver is great when it comes to the introduction of a new lesson. For example, she entered the classroom with a great…


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