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Goodbye Mr. Chips

The name of this book is, of course, Goodbye, Mr. Chips.It was written by James Hilton in the 1930's, among his other books including, Nothing So Strange, Morning Journey, and Time and Time Again.There are 132 pages in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", and it was published by The Atlantic Monthly Press.
Mr. Chips is a teacher at a large boy's school in England, Brookfield that is.I'm not sure of his real name, however, the book does mention the he is not really Mr. Chips he just goes by that.The book starts with Mr. Chips as an old man who still runs his life according to the school bells.He lives a Mrs. Wickett's house, where she takes care of him.Conveniently she lives right across the street from the school the Mr. Chips taught for many years.The book is basically a memory of his life.Like many other books he starts old, remembers young, and ends old.
Chips was known for his sense of humor.He was never serious, but he was an excellent teacher of the Latin and Greek languages.He was also admired greatly by his community.After Chips had been teaching for so long that his teaching methods were out of style the head of the school "Ralston" decided to demand Chips to resign.He told Chips that he was too set in his ways and because he didn't want to change simple things like pronunciations of a few words.Chips was a good teacher, and the board of the school knew it to.One it's members even told Chips to just to ignore Ralston, so that's just what he did.He was 65 years old when he finally decided to retire.
Chips was afraid he wasn't doing a good job, because he had been sick a lot the year before.So Chips went to Mrs. Wickett's house and began to enjoy his life as a retired man.He had frequent visitors from the school across the street and he spent lots of time looking over at the boys at break time.It's funny but it didn't t…


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