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Film Style

Martin Scorcese, a realist, made Goodfellas based on a story about Henry Hill.

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This film was carefully and beautifully done to preserve much truth in it. Through

this film, we could walk through the same lane as the mobsters did and understanding

what they were going through. Mobsters were often thought as'bad company'. They

had a worldwide labeled as ruthless, vicious and notorious crime organizations. But

we often misunderstood and overlooked the reasons why these guys join the mobs. In

this film, we learn about Henry Hill and how his life came crashing down due to his

negligence in upholding the mafia rules and his greeds.

Stylistic Elements

Goodfellas opened withnarration by Henry Hill introducing the audience to his

world of world of wonders. The narration in the movie is really effective at making

audiences feel as though they are experiencing a world that few people can see

without being on the inside of a gang themselves.The use of non-linear editing was

clearly shown. We started off into his childhood as he narrates his story. Henry

wanted to b a gangster ever since he was a kid and ran illegal errands for the gangster

and earned their trust and soon became one of their crew. The narration did not guide

us through the story unlike'Casablanca' which we depended more on narration

instead of the characters presence. The narration in Goodfellas merely help us to

understand the each character better.

Martin Scorcese used inventive camera works to enhance the visuals of this film.

Long shots and montages were used. Long shots used for the scene at the bar where

Henry introduced the audience to all his friends. It was dramatic and sharp. We know

who they are and how they are associated to Henry within one long shot.

Martin Scorcese used appropriate soundtracks to go with the era of the film. He

did …


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