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Grapes of Wrath

"To love your family is to know a love with no limits." (Wilson Figueroa) Family love is a love that no one else can ever share. It is a special bond between the members of a family and special friends of the family that stays inseparable throughout life. This bond cannot be broken under any circumstances. This is the kind of love that Ma Joad has for her family. She struggles to maintain the family bond of the Joads, for her family is prioritizedfirst above any others. Her love for her family is so great, that she would go through any adversary to preserve her family bond. In The Grapes of Wrath , Steinbeck suggests that people lacking the essential bond of family unity will not survive. The integral part of the family is best illustrated by Ma Joad, who constantly maintained a steady countenance and showed no fear in fighting the separation of the family, but at the same time defends the safety and well being of the family.
Ma Joad shows no fear when she threatens to use the jack handle on anyone trying to split the family up. Standing strong, she firmly says'" I aint a-gonna go… "What we got lef' in the worl'? Nothin but us."' (Steinbeck 230) Here we find that Ma joad shows no fear when she stands up to Pa Joad. She even threatens to hit Pa Joad when he is resting if he is to beat her and leave the camp. Ma is afraid that if part of the family journeys ahead to fix the car, they may never find each other again. Consequently, she strongly insists that the family stays together. Upon leaving Oklahoma, Ma Joad realizes that the one thing that keeps a family together is no longer theirs. She is referring to their home. The Joads are driven from their home. Because of this, Ma Joad realizes that they have nothing to keep them together except for each other. She fights the separation of the family by forcing decisions that she believes will benefit the family.


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