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Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath is one of the greatest most historically accurate books to come out of the Great Depression. Its main theme was the Dust Bowl, and the hard times people faced there during the Great Depression. The main message that John Steinbeck attempted to portray was essentially: mans inhumanity towards man.
During the Great Depression, people all over the United States faced hard times, but Dust Bowlers had some of the worst living conditions in the United States. Imagine staying up at night listening to the dust filled wind blow and blow, knowing that when you wake up in the morning and walk outside, all you will see is a haze of dust settling and another ruined crop. Dust was everywhere, even with cracks filled by cloth, and the door jammed shut, there was no getting away. People back in the 30s were much more religious than people are now, and during some of the worst storms (some could last up to a month,) people believed it to be the apocalypse. So they prayed, that's how bad it was.
The Grapes of Wrath was about the Joad family, and their migration to California. Apparently they all got pretty tired of the dust bowl and all of the dust there, so they decided to move to the land of milk and honey; California. So about eight of their family, and a few other family friends drove all the way to California threw a couple of deserts in an old pickup truck. Passer-bys and onlookers thought this bunch to be a bit mad, like when some store clerks said, "Them goddamn Okies got no sense and no feeling. They ain't human. A human being wouldn't live like they do. A human being couldn't stand it to be so dirty and miserable." The Joad family still and high hopes of work and a better life. Once they got to California, things weren't nearly as easy as they expected. Apparently the flyer saying work for 800 workers was seen by thousands of people, leaving them jobless. So the Joads, now mostly pen…


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