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grapes of wrath

Themes Portrayed in The Grapes of Wrath
The Grapes of Wrath is a classic novel with great social importance.It is a work of realism, representing the world as it was, no sugar-coating.John Steinbeck portrayed a time of serious crisis in our country.He uses the Joad family to illustrate many important social problems that were seriously disturbing the chemistry of the nation.The novel is used as a desperate call for help and change within the workings of America.Steinbeck also illustrates human determination and will to live through the struggles and triumphs of the Joads.The two important themes Steinbeck illustrates in The Grapes of Wrath are those of socialism and human perseverance.
Socialism lies deep within this novel.During a time when the economic system failed most Americans, these ideas became very popular.Steinbeck portrays the capitalist system as a failure and calls for reform.He depicts the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.The wealthy take advantage of the desperateness of the poor to demand low wages and gain high profits.In chapter 21 Steinbeck writes "When there was work for a man, ten men fought for it-fought with a low wage.If that fella'll work for thirty cents, I'll do it for twenty … And this was good, for wages went down and prices stayed up. … And pretty soon we'll have serfs again. … A great owner bought a cannery.And when the peaches and the pears were ripe he cut the price of fruit below the cost of raising it.As a cannery owner he paid himself a low price for the fruit and kept the price of canned goods up and took his profit.And the little farmers who owned no canneries lost their farms … "The rich landowners are cornering the market and cutting everyone else out of business.They gain more and more profits by putting others on the street.Steinbeck is telling us something must be done.It's a call for equality betw…