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Great Expaectation, Pip and Estella

A. Time what a peculiar concept. It is not only the passing of minutes, second, the ticking of a clock. It is also change. Change of people Change of places.
B. Overtime Estella went through great changes in the way she viewed Pip.Estella is cruel and incapable of love yet Pip never stops loving her.
A. As kids Estella thinks very little of Pip and treats him poorly.
1. Estella did not find Pip attractive
2. She barely considered him a person, She thought of him as a play toy her mother had gotten for her.
3. He was a companion Estella could play with, hurt and tease.
B. When they are older Estella starts to think differently of Pip . She starts to regret her poor treatment of him and eventually they become friends.
1. Estella has previously been married but it was an unhappy marriage and her husband had been killed by a horse that he had miss treated. Pip is happy when he hears Estella is single again. Estella hears the news of Pip new found fortune.
2. Estella has many admierers and she deceives and manipulates them but she said she does not treat Pip in such a manner.
3. Pip comes to realize that they are not meant to be together when he finds that Ms. Havisham did not leave him his fortune and they become friends.
C. Even though Estella is cruel and unable to love, because of her upbringing by Ms. Havisham who had been hurt by men and raised Estella to be hard and tough, Pip still loved Estella.
1. Almost the whole book Pip is convinced that him and Estella are meant to be together forever.
2. Pip is innocent and naive and never utters a complaint even when Estella treats him so poorly.
3. Pip looks forward to visiting Estella, he thinks about her all the time and sees her as much as possible even thought she is so mean to him.
A. Over time Estella went through great changes in the way she viewed Pip


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