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great expectation

The novel Great Expectations was written by Charles Dickens. It is a masterpiece in literature. I found it had a magic power which lured me to keep longing for what really happened. Even after thefirst chapter, second third and even fourth, the denouement was still unknown. This aroused my curiosity successfully and totally. Till I reached the ending and got the conclusions I found the real premises the author addressed in the previous chapters were closely associated with conclusions.
Pip, the hero was raised by his sister and her husband Joe. When Pip was young they lived in the countryside together. One day, while Pip was lingering about in the marshes, a criminal at large told him to steal some food and a file for him and little pip did as he was told. Although he was haunted with the incident for a long time, with the passage of time he forgot it.
Joe was a blacksmith who was very honest and hardworking. Living with Joe and her sister, Pip wanted to be a man like Joe. This dream changed when he encountered Miss Estella who was arrogant, revengeful and belonged to the upper class. Pip loved Estella at thefirst sight and Estella's disgust at him stimulated him to be a "gentleman" and he became embarrassed by Joe and his simple ways of life. Before he was twenty Pip received some property from his benefactor. He left his sister and her husband and began his life in London. At that time he became to be a "gentleman" of great fortune. He was educated by Mr. Herbert's father and lived with Herbert who taught him manners of gentleman. Having a large sum of money, Pip lived his life lavishly till he was horrified to learn that his benefactor was not Miss Havisham who trained Miss Estella to be a lady of arrogance and revenge shaping her to be a heartbreaker for any gentleman approached her, but Mr.Magwitch instead the convict whom he helped in his youth. He felt the money he spent was stained with blo…


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