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Great Expectations chps 1-3

Pip introduces the story by introducing himself.He says his real name is Philip Pirrip, so people just call him Pip.
He lives with his sister who is married to Joe Gargery, a blacksmith.His parents are dead, so the only way he knows who they are is through their grave stone.
Pip started to cry and soon a convict with an iron leg appeared and told him to be quite.The convict picked Pip upside down and emptied out his pockets.Then he demanded that Pip go home and get him some food and drink.Soon the convict left and Pip ran home.
When Pip reached home, Joe was there waiting for him.He told Pip that Mrs. Joe had the tickler and was out looking for him.Soon, Mrs. Joe arrived home and asked him where he had been.Pip told her that he was at the churchyard, but she doubted him.
Pip decided that he should start saving his food to give to the convict.As soon as Joe and Mrs. Joe weren't looking, he hid the bread in his pants.Joe asked him why he was bolting and that he shouldn't do it.Mrs. Joe kept asking Joe why Pip was bolting, but he didn't answer so Mrs. Joe started beating him.Mrs. Joe thinks he is sick so she gives him so tar water and is punished the next day by having to make pudding.
The next morning, Pip got up and stole some food, water, and a file.On his way to the battery, he ran into a young boy who Pip assumed was the other convict.The boy tried to punch Pip but missed and ran away.Pip made it to the convict and gave him the food and drink.Pip told him about the canon firings and the convict asked where they had come from.Then he demanded that Pip give him the file and he started filing at his chain.


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