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great gatsby

In The Great Gatsby, written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Jordan Baker was portrayed as
being reckless and dishonest, having the arrogant attitude of many of the people of her
time, but also having the characteristics of modern-day women. This classic novel
was written on the glitz and glamour of the Jazz Age, on the wealth and greed of the
people during the Jazz Age, and also on the American dream and the corruption of it.
Jordan Baker is,first of all, depicted as having an arrogant attitude. This side of Miss
Baker is shown when shefirst starts conversation with Nick. ” ‘You live in the West Egg,’
she remarked contemptuously” (11). Jordan is obviously looking down upon Nick
because he lives in the West Egg which is for the so-called “new money.” The same day,
Jordan gives a remark that makes the reader infer that Jordan is too good to date Nick.
She says “I haven’t heard a word” (19). Jordan gave this comment to Daisy after Daisy
implied that Jordan and Nick gettogether. Jordan, like many of the other inhabitants of
the East Egg, thought of herself as having much more grace and dignity than the people
of the West Egg and also as being superior to them.
The recklessness of many people during the Jazz Age is also portrayed through
Jordan Baker. She is often lazy, dishonest, and blunt.Tom Buchanan remarked to Jordan
at times how he wondered how she got anything done (11). Miss Baker is also a very
character. There was a rumor going around that she moved her golf ballduring a
tournament to win (58). It was said of her that she would do almost anything to win or at
least to get her way. Nick Carraway, who was very fond of Jordan also said that “She was
incurably dishonest.”(58). Jordan Baker is also shown to be a very reckless driver. She
carelessly stated that “It takes two to make to make an accident.”(59). She also strongly
suggested that she hoped she would never me…


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