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great gatsby

A little boy sits down on a busy subway car after getting off a plane in the middle of a country that he has never been before.This should be one of the greatest experiences of his life instead he has already voiced his opinion on many things a few of which including the length of the trip, the people he sees, and how he wants to eat McDonalds right now.His jaw seems to be on a hinge that is too loose to stay closed, and needs to be oiled as you can hear his squeaky rants from a mile away.I don't think that even a person on the south side of a guillotine would be enthusiastic to switch places with anyone on that car.As his shrill complaints just keep on coming it seems as if all passengers stop and stare at this "Ugly American".To people all over the world the tourists that visit their country are ugly, not physically, but on the inside the American tends to not appreciate the little things in life.Just like the boy on the car characters in many stories such as F. Scott Fitzgerald's the Great Gatsby and William Golding's Lord of the Files turn ugly.Although some of them don't leave their country they expect more than even most Americans do making them even more ugly.
The story the Great Gatsby depicts the life of Jay Gatsby, a wealthy businessman, and his doomed attempt to recapture the heart of his lost love, Daisy.Daisy Buchanan is "blue blood"; she comes from a long line of rich business owners.Her lifestyle reflects this; she lives in only the best houses and associates with only the best people. She is a beautiful petite woman who's "voice is filled with money".Daisy is an ugly American.Tom Buchanan, a "hulking brute of a man", Daisy's husband, is only there to define her status.A rich upstanding man in society such as Tom could only improve the way people view Daisy.When Daisy is reintroduced to Gatsby after five years their love is r…


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